Web Applications


The current trend for online services means that more and more sites are being developed with advanced features such as user registration and member’s only features.
It has become extremely common to use ‘scripts’ and web applications to enhance your website, making it more interactive and professional looking.


It is becoming quite common place to find web sites that rely on a behind the scenes SQL database to handle content and user data.
Typically, databases are used where sites require:
* Data capture
* Password storage and authentication
* Search engine facilities
* Online ordering systems
* Product lists
* Live content


In most cases we generally recommend that a site be created using PHP as opposed to ASP as PHP has proven in our experience to be a more flexible and stable development platform.
The development costs for PHP sites are often less because most functionality is built in to the PHP language, reducing the need to purchase third party components to carry out specific tasks.
Virtually all of the applications and scripts that we develop come with an admin control panel of some sorts, allowing you to log in securely and administer the users, content or other aspect’s of the application.


Products management system (CMS) :
* Do you have so many products and want to display them for internet users?
* Do your products change frequently?
* Do you want the products in your website to be changed frequently?
* Do you have your own products / designs?
* Do you want only the Authorized people to see you products?
We give you the ideal solution for your website a easy way to present all your products and services while enjoying a quick access to the data. Add, remove items easily.

Products management system’s features:
Customization: You can easily change home page text, display your favorite products in your homepage, this allows you to create a professional website tailored exactly to suit your needs whether you are a small business or a big collaboration.
* No product limits.
* Products can be placed in unlimited categories.
* Easy to use: Our system allows someone with no technical skills
* whatsoever to manage the products. Our system is very intuitive and SO EASY to use.
* Featured products changing randomly in the homepage.
* Bilingual website (Arabic and English).
* Private images are supported, so can be only seen by authorized visitors.
* Unlimited number of agents (Authorized visitors).
* Easy to make an image private one.
* Easy to give your agent permission for your special images.
And many more other features………………..


The initial price for our PMS with the last standard features is 3.900 AED, this price may change for any additional feature. The last price includes:
– Domain Name reservation: the domain name may be .com, .net, .cc, .info (For any other extension extra cost will be added)
– Hosting with 100 MB space:
Our affordable host’s features
* Cpanel 10 manager
* Online File Manager
* Email accounts @yourdomain
* Web Based Email Interface or POP3 Access
* Online Web Stats (invisible hit counter)
* Website Backup Utility
* MySQL Database Management
* Add/remove sub-domains
* Custom error pages
* FTP Access
* Auto responders
* Many more features …

Note: Extra space is charged To have your web application free quote, please contact our sales Dep.